Introducing The eRM Lesson Planner

Created by the award winning ICT Administator in the "Anugerah Kepimpinan ICT Sekolah Peringkat Kebangsan 2008"

Unique in the market, the award winning eRM Lesson Planner is a web-based application revolutionizing the way teachers and administrators create, manage, collaborate, archive and review lesson plans.

• The eRM Lesson Planner can be securely accessed and used at school, at home, or from any computer connected to the internet!

• This online application makes it easy for teachers to electronically capture, update and collaborate on lesson plans. eRM Lesson Planner can also be accessed by parents at their home. Teachers can automatically post homework online as well.

• The eRM Lesson Planner improves upon the traditional, paper-based approach to lesson planning by enabling users to run standards based reports. Teachers and administrators can now more effectively address KPM, JPN and District Education Department standards and requirements.

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